Find out more about the project

Find out more about the project

Marana Tha

In 1980 we had a dream, a Christian community, yet this dream had been inconceivable due to the regime. However, we believed that one day we would be able to confess our faith and do open events in public. The MaranaTha community was established more than 35 years ago. It is a community of children, young and adults who live out their authentic and vivid christianity and hand it over to others. It is a place of gatherings, prayers and worship, formation and evangelization.

The activities we have done up to the present time:

  • Marital courses – 2 090 couples
    (we gave rise to the courses in different parts of Slovakia)
  • Parenting courses: 318 participants,
  • Summer camps for children and families – 2 500 participants
  • Child clubs – more than 8 100 children
  • Youth Friday gatherings – more than 14 000 young people
  • Alfa courses: 1 467 participants
  • Biblical courses – 1 500 participants
  • Men ́s conferences – 1 760 participants
  • Women’s conferences –  2 400 participants
  • Fire Rally – more than 72 000 participants
  • Praise and Worship – more than 45 500 participants

We desire

to create a place of encouragement, restoration and healing where everybody can discover a new hope. We would like to develop our talents, spread the Word of God and be witnesses to God’s love. We dream about such place! We see that God cares and thus we are ready to begin with its realization.

Why a building?

A personal relation with God is prior to us, it motivates us to go beyond our comfort, to use our talents and available resources and help to create a place for everyone in order to experience the goodness of our God. We miss such a home place. For years, we have been using foreign buildings for which we have been paying high fees. Our community is one of the largest in Slovakia with a rich past and we would like to use our full potential to serve others. 

For with God nothing will be impossible. (Lk 1:37)   



of the project.

This dream will come true and you can be a co-creator.

Video presentation of the project.

This dream will come true and you can be a co-creator.



About project “Na východe niečo je.”



About project “Na východe niečo je.”

We only live once, so let’s use the time we have as a good investment...

Complete project

Phase 1.

Land purchase.

Thank you too!

Phase 2.

of the Congressional Centre.

Financed by credit.

Phase 3.

M Arena interior

Necessary interior equipment of the hall:
stage, sound system, lighting, projection screen, acoustic elements, dance floor, chairs, tables.

Our activities

Take a look at some of our activities described in the short series of the videos below.


The prayer – evangelisation meeting which has been organised for 10 years and which expresses a great desire for God.


We help young people to be useful for other people and for society by finding the true meaning of life.

Men´s meetings

We help men to find their true meaning of life and power of virility and thus to achieve the main aim – to tenderly take care of own family.

Child´s ministry

We are preparing activities for children and families where they can have fun, talk to each other and share their experiences.

Beauty of woman

Annual spiritual renewal where women find spiritual reinforcement and healing so that they can bring life, love and home.

Parenting courses

These courses help parents to choose the right steps in rising children. You are taught how to cope with difficulties and how to bring joy into the relationships.

Dance with prayer

Dance is not just a physical activity for us but we also treat it as a form of common prayer.

Community day

Marana Tha, as the community belonging to children, youth, nuns, priests and older people leads to a prayer and a mutual respect.

Support us

IBAN: SK89 7500 0000 0040 2657 3980

You can financially support us by scanning the QR code with your banking app.

Our news

Thanks to your help, our project is under way and in this section we will gradually bring you all the news and important information and the progress of the construction of the project.

Consecration of the foundation stone of the M Arena. 1300 816 Na Východe niečo je

Consecration of the foundation stone of the M Arena.

On September 11, 2019, Archbishop Bernard Bober consecrated the foundation stone of the M Arena. The Mayor of Prešov, Andrea Turčanová and PSK Chairman Milan…

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We have entered the 3rd phase of project implementation in which we want focus on interior design.

During the 3rd phase, you can help us furnish the interior

Our partners

Without the help of our partners, we would not have been able to make any progress.
Thank you


Answers to the most frequent questions asked.

  • You can donate any amount of money you wish. If you symbolically purchase one square meter that’s worth of 140 €, you become a VIP donor and we shall not forget about you long after the realization of the project. By VIP invitations, our prayers and mass services we will keep you in our hearts long after.

  • The property has to be paid off by 31. 12. 2019.

  • Donated finances will be used to purchase the property which will be owned by a company belonging to a non-profit Marana Tha association. Annual reports will be publicly available. Financial coverage of the community centre construction will be secured by an investor – a donor.


Marana Tha
Community centre of St. John Paul II.
Švábska 22
080 05 Prešov
Telephone: 051 77 13 456
Mobile phone: 0905 762 777

If you want to find out more about our activities and events visit our website MaranaTha Prešov.

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